Posted on February 13, 2017

The annual FSD Kenya lectures on financial inclusion


Over the past 10 years, FSD Kenya has worked to support the development of financial inclusion in Kenya. In 2015, we launched a series of annual public lectures on financial inclusion.  Our aim is to stimulate debate on this subject and its place in the long-term vision for the financial sector in Kenya.

The 3rd FSD Kenya annual public lecture on financial inclusion (2017)

Speaker John Kay
Presentation Other people’s money: making finance serve the needs of the economy
Lecture brief Kay shares why it’s possible to have ‘too much of a good thing.’
News and press releases “The state of the world is bound up in the future of finance,” says John Kay.


The 2nd FSD Kenya annual public lecture on financial inclusion (2016)

Speaker Rafe Mazer
Presentation The increasingly crowded savannah:
Competition & consumer protection in Kenya’s financial sector
Lecture brief The 2016 annual lecture brief
Blog The increasingly crowded savannah
News and press releases Policy expert welcomes new era for financial sector innovation


The inaugural FSD Kenya annual public lecture on financial inclusion (2015)

Speaker Dr. Tavneet Suri
Presentation The mobile money revolution in Kenya: can the promise be fulfilled?
Lecture brief The 2015 annual lecture brief
Blog Fulfilling the promise
News and press releases FSD Kenya celebrates 10 years of backing Kenya’s digital financial revolution
Related materials The M-Pesa effect: are financial transaction costs a barrier to more effective insurance for families in Kenya?



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