Mary M. Miller

Independent consultant
Expertise: SME banking, Access to finance
About Mary M. Miller

Mary is an international development consultant working on expansion of services capacity of banks and MFIs to reach new markets, especially SMEs and agribusiness; value chain finance and development of financial products to serve SMEs, agriculture, and agribusiness. Previously she worked as a senior development specialist at Development Alternatives Inc (DAI).

ARTICLES BY Mary M. Miller
segmentation 2

An introduction to segmentation

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A guide to implementing segmentation for SME banking


Value Proposition Guide

Concept of costs calculation, Calculator. Three-dimensional image.

Pricing and costing SME products and services

Asian business woman writing Break even Point analysis diagram on virtual whiteboard

Profitability analysis for SME financial services


Effective data mining and analysis for SME banking

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SME product development


SME banking models

SSME defined

State of practice of SME banking