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The 3rd FSD Kenya annual public lecture on financial inclusion (2017)
Highlights from the 3rd FSD Kenya annual lecture on financial inclusion
February 2017

The annual FSD Kenya lectures on financial inclusion

Over the past 10 years, FSD Kenya has worked to support the development of financial inclusion in Kenya. In 2015, we launched a series of annual public lectures on financial inclusion.  Our aim is to stimulate debate on this subject and its place in the long-term vision for the financial sector in Kenya. The 3rd FSD […]

February 2017

PICTURES: Kay and industry leaders discuss the future of finance

Just what is finance for? On Wednesday 8th February 2017, John Kay met with 18 financial sector industry leaders to discuss this question and the future of finance in Kenya. The leaders included CEOs from Equity Bank, the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya Bankers Association, CIS Kenya, the iHub and Kenya Women Microfinance Bank. Also present […]

Retail innovations
January 2016

M-PESA Chama Account

This is a service being offered to groups/chamas to allow them to collect funds conveniently and securely. To apply for an M-PESA Chama account, simply walk into any Safaricom shop or Safaricom Care desk countrywide and request for an application form. One can also send an SMS with the word CHAMA to 21366 or email Safaricom on […]

Retail innovations
December 2015


OkHi is a firm that aims to solve the lack of proper physical address systems in Kenya and beyond by enabling creation and secure sharing of physical addresses via one’s mobile phone. This they do by giving those without one, a digital OkHi address. According to Timbo Drayson, the firm’s CEO and co-founder, “without a physical address that works, many people […]

Retail innovations
December 2015


BitPesa is a bitcoin remittances and trading platform for Africa. There most popular product in Kenya is the Bitcoin to Kenyan Shilling (KES) remittance product, though they’ve also started the sale of Bitcoin in Kenya and Ghana.  According to their website, BitPesa has a team of 9 full-time employees, and recently closed a follow-on round of $1.1M. The November funding round brought […]