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October 2014

An ethnographic study of local institutionalisation of savings groups in Malanga, Coast region

This brief presents findings from ethnographic research in a rural area of Malindi District in Kenya’s Coast region. The study explored the local institutionalisation of savings groups implemented by Catholic Relief Services as part of their Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) programme. The study was commissioned by the Financial Sector Deepening Trust Kenya and […]

John Kay signs the visitors book at Haki Group offices as the Chief Executive Officer, Charles Ogutu looks on.
February 2017

Kay gets perspective on informal sector in Kibera

During his visit for the FSD Kenya 3rd annual lecture, John Kay visited Haki Group, a Self Help Group registered in 2002 but graduated to a Community Based Organization in 2005 to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS in Kibera. Haki promotes savings groups as part of its economic empowerment program. It currently has 35 savings […]

October 2015

An overview of the Kenya Financial Diaries research program

A major gap in the ability of formal financial services to deliver value for low-income families is a general lack of information and understanding of their preferences, behaviours and needs. To address this gap, FSD Kenya in partnership with BFA and Digital Divide Data undertook a Financial Diaries study between 2012 and 2013. The Kenya Financial Diaries tracked […]

Retail innovations
August 2015

e-Kit app

The Savings Group (SG) e-kit is an android-based application that has electronic training materials on the SG methodology and operation. It contains five lessons in the form of interactive videos, each with an accompanying quiz on the key concepts covered.  The five lessons should be sufficient to allow group formation and operation without the need […]

Retail innovations
August 2015

e-Recording app

The Savings Group (SG) e-Recording app is an android-based application built to improve the quality and speed of data capture for SGs while enhancing transparency and security of the data, and providing a convenient and reliable solution to SG recording. It is used to record all the transactions of a savings group. It also captures […]

April 2008

MicroSave project completion report 

The main aims of this independent review were to assess the performance of MicroSave’s third phase and the overall experience of MicroSave over its full nine-year history, identifying key achievements and lessons learned. MicroSave is a four-year project funded by DFID, CGAP, the Austrian Development Agency and NORAD. MicroSave started in 1998 and its third […]