Starts : December 3, 2015 0800
Ends : December 3, 2015 1630
Venue : Hilton Hotel

SME Day: Understanding the market, driving innovation


FSD Kenya, the World Bank, and CBK join forces to address the demand and supply of SME finance.

Following the completion of a multi-year survey to understand the trends, size and constraints in the market for SME finance in Kenya, FSD Kenya, in partnership with the World Bank and the Central Bank of Kenya, will host “SME Day: Understanding the market, driving innovation” on Thursday December 3rd 2015 at the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi.

The full day event will bring in world-class expertise in SME finance, and provide industry players with tools to enable them to better understand and serve SMEs in Kenyan market. SME Day will be composed of a series of workshops that will address the demand and supply of SME finance in Kenya, the key opportunities for market innovation and the current priorities for policy reform. The event will also be an opportunity for Kenyan banks to interact with experts and regulators, and also engage in future research activities that FSD Kenya and the World Bank will pursue in the near future.

The full study can be accessed here: FinAccess Business – Supply: Bank Financing of SMEs in Kenya.

Registration for this event is closed.

For enquiries, contact Winnie Mokaya at or call (02) 2923000.

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