Treasurer of Maji Mazuri savings groups counts money during the meeting

FSA asset financing: when paying more yields more

FSA report, page 23

Financial services associations: an imperfect solution


In Kenya, bank accounts again more popular than m-pesa –…


10 Things you didn’t know about financial inclusion in Kenya


Unlocking fintech innovation with domestic capital

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How much does it cost to run bank accounts in…


Why price transparency in banking is good business


The Future of Finance: Kenya’s Youth


Unlocking opportunities for low income households – Mechanisms of behaviour…


Young Money: Why Kenyan youth know everything, and nothing, about…


With great opportunity comes great risk: Keeping up with Kenya’s…


Unlocking opportunities for the poor ,Part two


Leveraging Kenya’s informal sector for growth


Return on Investment: Making Remittances Work for Africa


The Hidden Costs of Hiring in Kenya


The Bright Continent

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Financing the Future


Unlocking opportunities for the poor , Part One


In Kenya, phones replace bank tellers


Making Markets Work for the Poor — Science, Art or…


Creating value through financial inclusion: the trust element


Market Facilitation Is the Way Ahead, But It Needs to…

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It takes a village: Lessons from digitizing social school fees payments


Out of Africa: notes from a visit to Kenya

soko salama

Trust—Is there an app for that?


Studying shocks to identify opportunities for financial service providers

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Use of SMS Texts and Kids as Exhibits

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The tea bonus: a blessing or a growing dependency? Tea…


Life in Laisamis, Marsabit

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The use of borrowed airtime with interest in Kenya


Six secrets of the self-employed


Informal vs formal: The need for financial services to complement,…


Where are they now?


Using non-financial services to build better relationships between banks and businesses

16-09-23 The three padlocks

“The three padlocks”: Digitising the savings groups’ money box

transparency in finance blog

Transparency in finance: Is it a matter of life and…

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Interest rates cap: views from Kawangware


How the voice of the customer can guide innovation

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What financial service providers can learn from mobile gambling


What do people get out of gambling?


Beyond the pricetag: The real benefits of off-grid solar


Is mobile sports betting changing financial and social behavior? Two…

betting statement

From the statements: gambling behaviour


Who Plays

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Banks need to immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial life world


A Decade of Energy Access Transformation (2006-2016): Is energy inclusion in Kenya on the rise?


Solar stories: Diaries respondents’ experiences with off-grid solar


Can digital transport vouchers encourage more women to deliver with…

Naked Pizza

Calling for a Baraza on small business finance in Kenya


Parliamentary petition to disband the CRB mechanism is retrogressive

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Bank’s aren’t working for Kenya’s entrepreneurs


A look at Kenya’s struggle to purchase healthcare

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A call for customer communication to catch up with technology


3 Ways To Participate in the 2016 Global Money Week

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What to ask about the 2016 FinAccess report

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The 2016 FinAccess report: Where have we come from?


Fighting Technology and Big Data with Machetes


The Potential of Instant Messaging (IM) Apps to Enhance Financial…

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From insight to action


Where small monies makes a big life difference

agency banking

Kenya’s Financial Transformation

Kajiado, Kenya. 2010

SMEs are good business for Kenya’s growing banking sector


How well do we measure access to finance in one-time household surveys?


Fulfilling the promise


The end of magic and the beginning of wisdom


The nexus between financial inclusion and geospatial data

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The importance of social networks in Kenya


The M-PESA API: Why fintech should care


Why cash fares still rule in the taxi innovation space


Can Kisumu city replicate Africa’s silicon savannah?


Why M-Shwari works


What do the Financial Diaries tell us about financial products…

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Solving the money problems of the poor: Four areas ripe…

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Top 10 things to know about M-Shwari

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It’s a small world, after all?


M-SHWARI vs KCB M-PESA: convergence or divergence?


Kenya moves beyond M-PESA