IPSL strategy consultant

Deadline: April 13, 2017

The Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) recognizing the central role of the banking industry in the payment system established the Kenya Inter-participant Transaction Switch project in 2012 to address the challenge of creating an integrated retail payment system in Kenya.  It is envisioned that the system will provide the banking industry with a platform to significantly improve the sharing of payment system infrastructure. KITS has the potential to assist the banking industry and Kenya’s financial regulators in meeting their shared objectives of promoting increased efficiency and financial inclusion. This will be achieved by lowering interbank switching costs to banks and, with appropriate interchange pricing, enabling banks to lower prices to consumers while simultaneously increasing the accessibility and convenience of banking services. The vision here is to support the transition to a ‘cash-lite’ economy by 2020 driven by the ubiquitous adoption of digital money.

KBA formed a limited liability company, Integrated Payment System Limited (IPSL), to handle the day to day operations of the KITS switch. 

In 2015, the KBA and IPSL team requested for FSD Kenya to support the development of a 5-year strategic roadmap for the switch with the aspiration that the switch would later become the national switch. FSD Kenya committed to support this. It was however agreed that this work would be carried out after the switch and PesaLink went live.



Expressions of interest (EoIs) must include:

Expressions of interest should be submitted to by 13th April 2017, 1600hrs EAT.

Following assessment of EoIs, FSD Kenya will invite short-listed applicants to submit full technical and financial proposals. An initial contract period of 6 months commencing 15th May 2017 is envisaged.