Posted on July 2, 2015

Citi mobile challenge workshop


On Friday 20th of March, as part of FSD Kenya’s contribution to the Citi Mobile Challenge 2015, we hosted an exciting workshop at 88mph for Nairobi residents taking part in the initiative.

The workshop was designed with the start-up community in mind. Inspiration came from different quarters: Esther Chibesa of Citi Kenya shared insights on corporate banking consumer needs; Julie Zollmann of Bankable Frontiers shed light on how low income households juggle their finances based on findings from FSD Kenya’s Financial Diaries (2014); Juliet Mburu of FSD Kenya spoke of the future of payments in Kenya; Emmanuel Khisa gave insights on factors to consider when innovating in the mobile payments space. To crown it all, Dave Kim of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shared best practices for pitching to potential funders, with a special emphasis on the power of stories.

As part of the experience, participants broke up into teams and evaluated case studies from the Financial Diaries study. Insights from each of the different cases offered the teams an opportunity to identify unique real-world challenges faced by low income households, come up with possible solutions, and pitch to the facilitators as a first step toward applying lessons learned from the workshop.

On 22nd of April this year, the world will be watching some of these participants present LIVE at the Citi Mobile Challenge final event right here in Nairobi. Their ideas and innovations could change how we all bank and make a real difference in the world!

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