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Retail innovations
August 2015

e-Kit app

The Savings Group (SG) e-kit is an android-based application that has electronic training materials on the SG methodology and operation. It contains five lessons in the form of interactive videos, each with an accompanying quiz on the key concepts covered.  The five lessons should be sufficient to allow group formation and operation without the need […]

Retail innovations
August 2015

e-Recording app

The Savings Group (SG) e-Recording app is an android-based application built to improve the quality and speed of data capture for SGs while enhancing transparency and security of the data, and providing a convenient and reliable solution to SG recording. It is used to record all the transactions of a savings group. It also captures […]

November 2008

Developing decentralised financial services: Project review

The Decentralised Financial Services (DFS) project began in 2003 as an action research project to improve outreach of financial services in remote and rural areas. The first phase focused on developing and testing the tools to strengthen the management and governance of community-based financial organisations. The second phase which started in 2005, sought to demonstrate […]

Retail innovations
August 2015


Chamasoft is a simple to use web and mobile application which helps investment groups and chamas to manage all their group activities and communications. Chamasoft allows groups to automate and monitor their financial records. It performs the following functions: Membership Management. Bank Account Management Financial Management Loan Management Expense Management Project Management Reports One time […]

Retail innovations
August 2015


ChamaPesa gives savings clubs (chamas) the tools to issue and manage financial instruments which their members can access from their phones, with good governance at low cost. ChamaPesa enable financial inclusion for people at the base of the pyramid. It enables these Chamas to better manage their savings with good governance and transparency for the […]

March 2015

Quality of delivery study: Outreach, member satisfaction, safety and delivery channels in Savings Groups projects

Financial Sector Deepening Kenya (FSD Kenya) has worked since 2008 with CARE and, since August 2012, with CRS, to develop, test and perfect different models or channels for forming, training and supporting Savings Groups (SGs). In 2013, FSD Kenya commissioned the Quality of Delivery Study (QDS) which had four objectives: ƒ (1) Measure the outreach […]

Publications -
May 2013

Saving for change: Financial inclusion and resilience for the world’s poorest people

Three-quarters of the world’s poorest people do not have a formal bank account. With few viable means to save, these individuals and their families are vulnerable to life-threatening hardships. Community-based savings groups are designed to provide a mechanism for resilience. Jointly, Oxfam America and Freedom from Hunger commissioned the largest study to date to evaluate […]

Publications -
October 2012

Savings groups project briefing note

FSD Kenya has been supporting savings groups since 2008 through the Community Savings & Loans (COSALO) project in partnership with CARE. The Savings Groups initiatives undertaken between 2008 -2011 were quite successful. The initiatives had reached over 5,660 groups comprising of over 150,000 members as of December 2011. The two main lessons drawn from this project […]

Publications -
March 2012

Results of a study of post-project replication of groups in COSALO – summary

In September 2011, FSD Kenya conducted a short study of savings groups created under the Community Savings and Loans (COSALO I) project, funded by FSD and implemented by CARE International in Kenya. 54 groups were representatively selected from about 2,500 groups created in Nyamira and Rachuonyo regions by franchisees and faith-based organizations. The purpose of […]