Retail Innovations

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Retail innovations
December 2015


OkHi is a firm that aims to solve the lack of proper physical address systems in Kenya and beyond by enabling creation and secure sharing of physical addresses via one’s mobile phone. This they do by giving those without one, a digital OkHi address. According to Timbo Drayson, the firm’s CEO and co-founder, “without a physical address that works, many people […]

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Retail innovations
August 2015


SOKO (formerly SasaAfrica), is an e-commerce platform that promotes more equitable and distributed international trade by connecting offline artisans in the developing world to online global consumers. Vendors, with no need for the internet, create personal online storefronts and populate them with product information and images with the use of SOKO’s accessible SMS-based mobile phone […]

Retail innovations
August 2015

Kibarua Now

KibaruaNow is an online service marketplace that allows those who have tasks that they want to be done to request for them online and pay via M-PESA. Once payment is received, KibaruaNow will provide contact information for the selected tasker so that the client can co-ordinate times and finalize details & schedule the task. When […]