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Retail innovations
January 2016

M-PESA Chama Account

This is a service being offered to groups/chamas to allow them to collect funds conveniently and securely. To apply for an M-PESA Chama account, simply walk into any Safaricom shop or Safaricom Care desk countrywide and request for an application form. One can also send an SMS with the word CHAMA to 21366 or email Safaricom on […]

Retail innovations
August 2015

Kopo Kopo

Kopo Kopo offers a software-as-a-service that enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets to accept, process, and manage mobile money payments (e.g. Safaricom M-Pesa, Airtel Money). Kopo Kopo offers solutions to build merchant networks for mobile payments. KopoKopo partnered with Safaricom to bring the M-PESA Buy Goods service to small and medium businesses […]

August 2015

Replicating how the poor manage their money, digitally

This video, from the second Financial Inclusion Roundtable hosted by FSD Kenya and IBM Research Africa features Ignacio Mas who proposes a framework for digitizing financial services that work for the poor and unbanked. You can find the slide deck here. 

July 2015

Business primitives – Enabling payment lifecylces through software

Two gaps work together to limit the electronification of merchant payments. Customers with depleted electronic accounts are not naturally inclined to pay electronically at local shops, and shops not accustomed to paying their suppliers with electronic money are not so likely to actively promote it with their own customers. While that is the case, mobile […]

Publications -
September 2013

No more tears: Mobile app making life easier for savings groups

FSD Kenya with a software development firm Software Group are in the process of developing a mobile app – provisionally called e-Recording – that hopefully will enable groups to leave the trail of tears for good. The app, which runs on Android phones, initially leads a group through a set-up process, during which the group […]