Evans Osano

About Evans Osano

Evans is Director, Capital Markets Development at FSD Africa. Prior to joining FSD Africa in July 2016, he was a Senior Securities Market Specialist and Head, Efficient Securities Markets Institutional Development (ESMID) Africa, with the World Bank-IFC Finance and Markets Global Practice, where he worked on technical assistance projects related to developing government, non-government bond and equity markets in emerging market countries. His work experience spans Africa, Middle East & North Africa (MENA), North America, Europe and South Asia.

Before joining the World Bank Group, he served as a Vice President, Head of Investments at AIG Global Investment Group where his responsibilities included managing a pan-African total return fund that was a pioneer investor in debt and equity markets in Africa. He was instrumental in developing the research and investment process capabilities in fixed income, equities, alternatives and offshore investments in the company.

He was a founding member of the Market Leaders’ Forum in Kenya and has served (in an advisory capacity) in the Capital Markets Master Plan Implementation Committee. He developed the first Government Bond Market index in Kenya and a widely followed Equity Market index.


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