Focus areas

From digital finance to social protection, FSD Kenya works to support financial inclusion with a focus on nine inter-related topic areas. This section of the website gives you access to key knowledge resources from FSD, our partners and the web – organized by the topics we work on.

Market Information

The project’s overall aim is to support the sustainable development of the market information system in a manner that will promote the use of market information to develop solutions and…

Regulatory System Development

The Regulatory System Development project is a successor project to the policy support facility that had established the foundations for FSD’s work in the regulatory space.   One of the…

Payment platforms II

The vision of the  project is to directly support the creation of the single most important piece of finance industry infrastructure: an open system to minimise the friction in money…

Government Payments III (GP III)

The project builds on the accomplishments of the previous projects (GP I and GP II). Given the scale of government payments there is potential to influence the wider market, encouraging…

Financial innovation for the real economy (FIRE)

The project’s focus is on creating exemplars in: agricultural value chains, informal workers and enterprises within construction and manufacturing, and well-being. Within these components the project actively seeks to leverage efforts and…

Building livelihoods

The project substantively consists of two components encompassing two significant legacy projects: the graduation pilot and support to financial services associations (FSA III). A key aspect of the building livelihoods project is the search for viable models for building…

Trade facilitation: building the real economy

Transformation of the trade system in Kenya demands innovation.  The type of innovation called for here seeks to create open systems capable of integrating the widest range of producers, suppliers,…

Financial Sector Vision

Aims to establish a longer-term, shared vision of how the financial services sector should support Kenya’s national development aspirations. Reflecting the systems approach to FSD’s work, the project was designed to integrate…

Financial landscape

Research related to the structure of the financial landscape and in-depth analysis of the levels and trends in access to finance.

Consumer insights

Understanding people's real needs, motivations, choices and context is a necessary condition for building financial services that matter.

Savings groups

Savings groups play a key role in the financial lives of Kenyans; FSD is helping them become stronger.

Social protection

The journey towards a robust social protection system that delivers cash transfers to the poorest and most vulnerable.

Digital finance

Digital technologies are revolutionizing the way financial services are accessed and used.


FSD is working with government and private sector partners to drive the uptake of digital payments and reduce transaction costs in the financial sector.

SME finance

Findings on the ways that the financial sector can support broad based economic growth.

Risk and insurance

What are the best ways to protect low income groups against risk? FSD is exploring this question in a search for risk-management tools that work.


Credit market development

FSD is working to complete the development of credit market infrastructure, increase knowledge of the credit market and the benefits of credit information sharing.