Market support

FSD uses the “making markets work for the poor” (M4P) development approach. For us, this means changing market systems so that financial services work more effectively for the poor. Partnerships are essential to our work. We identify what is preventing financial services from reaching the poor and with partners, we develop initiatives to stimulate lasting changes that improve access, relevance and reliability of financial products and services. We hope this section will provide you with a better idea of how FSD Kenya works with government, financial services and start-ups in our joint quest to develop financial market systems that work for poor households and small businesses.

People Planning in a Conference and Innovation Concept

People Planning in a Conference and Innovation Concept


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Government and regulators

FSD Kenya supports government policy, legislation, regulation and supervision to provide an effective and enabling environment for financial service providers.

Financial service providers

FSD’s work is increasingly focused on accelerating the creation and adoption of digital financial services that reach scale.