Published on October 1, 2012

Savings groups project briefing note


FSD Kenya has been supporting savings groups since 2008 through the Community Savings & Loans (COSALO) project in partnership with CARE. The Savings Groups initiatives undertaken between 2008 -2011 were quite successful. The initiatives had reached over 5,660 groups comprising of over 150,000 members as of December 2011. The two main lessons drawn from this project were:

  1. It is possible to bring down the cost of starting groups. While the cost of the initial pilot was $75 per member and the rates reported globally are $25- 40 per member, the average cost in 2010/2011 was $9 per member.
  2. Replication of the groups is the norm. A study of 54 groups selected from 2,500 groups showed that three quarters of the groups had replicated (created new groups). On average each group had created an additional two groups.
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