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Posted on August 4, 2015



Agrilife¬†is a cloud-based technology platform designed to use mobile phone and web platforms to enable groups of smallholder farmers to access financial services, markets andother services that are relevant to them. Agrilife enables players in the agricultural sector – including banks, micro-finance institutions, insurance companies, cooperatives, investors, and agricultural input providers – to have access to data about farmers’financial and physical supply chain. This enables farmers’credentials to be established, minimises risk and gives the farmer easier access to affordable credit. Farmers are able to to use the technology to make requests from their mobile phones/web platforms, and via Agrilife the requests are authorised and service providers are able to react othe request.¬† Agrilife allows farmers to capture information on their input purchases (seeds and fertilizer, for example), as well as their produce quantities and sales. Over a number of seasons this gives insight into their “production potential,” which can be used to access finance.

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