Retail Innovations
Posted on August 3, 2015

Angaza solar lanterns

Angaza Design’s pay-as-you-go technology puts its products within financial reach of  kerosene-dependent households by allowing them to pay for the light in small increments over time at a cost less than they currently pay for kerosene. Angaza’s integrated hardware within the lanterns regulate energy output and enables or disables the light depending on the receipt of a mobile money payment by the user. This also allows Angaza to build a direct, targeted marketing and communication channel to its customers. Angaza’s solar lanterns use Frequency Key Shifting (FKS), which sends a tone to a customer who holds his/her mobile phone up to the unit. The mobile phone receives data, such as energy consumption, via the tone from system and sends it back to the Angaza server.  Angaza’s own branded products are sold on a rent-to-own basis. To date, 400 products have been purchased by nine entities across seven countries; and their $0.30/lumen retail price is lower than any other solar light on the market
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