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Posted on August 3, 2015

Energy Hub


Angaza manages a cloud-based PAYG software platform called the Energy Hub, which integrates directly with mobile money platforms (like M-Pesa) and provides a suite of online services to help distributors manage and streamline PAYG financing of solar energy systems. It also works directly with manufacturers to develop custom PAYG hardware solutions that are optimized for the features of its existing product line. These products then become “PAYG-ready,” which allows them to communicate with the Energy Hub and activate or deactivate depending on the customer’s payment status.  The tech platform is sold on a B2B basis to other companies seeking energy and time-based pricing, and rent-to-own as a service model.

This complete PAYG ecosystem enables Angaza to provide holistic support of PAYG financing while collecting lots and lots of data. How Angaza uses this data is, of course, the most powerful component.For example, let’s say that one of Angaza’s clients needs a microfinance company to lend them money for a sewing machine to make clothes from home and earn some extra income. The client can turn to Angaza and ask the company to release their solar repayment information, which can then help the client secure a loan they otherwise wouldn’t be able to procure.

Having this data available allows a previously unbanked customer with no known payment streams to get a record and a proof of address, which can unlock other financial services.

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