Retail Innovations
Posted on August 3, 2015



MamaKiba (meaning “MotherSavings”) is a mobile pre-payment service that allows Jacaranda clients to safely prepay towards delivery costs to encourage a culture of saving and reduces the financial burden of delivery.

Visiting Jacaranda, a mother will first create an electronic health record which will give her the option to open a Mamakiba account. This installs a savings calculator on her phone, which calculates the amount she has to save each week to reach a savings goal she has set, depending on her income and the number of ante-natal consultations she wants.

When the mother returns home, she begins to receive alerts reminding her to start saving the calculated amount at the start of the specified period. Other alerts tell her to save the amount needed before each consultation. Using Mpesa, she makes the deposit into an account to prepay for her services. Any surplus funds can be transferred back to her Mpesa account or used for post-natal care.

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