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Posted on August 3, 2015

Mobisol Solar Home Systems


Mobisol is a pay-as-you-go smart solar home solutions firm that combines solar energy with an affordable payment plan via mobile phone, comprehensive customer service and innovative remote monitoring technology. Mobisol provides solar home systems to low income customers. The systems are networked via GSM/GPRS module and panel-mounted technology, which allows for tracking of technical data and allows for remote metering and maintenance. Mobisol provides the system to their customers on a 36-month payment scheme using mobile money transfer services. 

According to Mobisol, its solar systems are available in various sizes ranging from 80 to 200 Watt and can light up a medium-sized home with seven LED bulbs, power a radio, charge various mobile phones and run a television– all at the same time.

So far, Mobisol has installed over 40,000 solar home systems in East Africa and recently celebrated reaching out to 200,000 beneficiaries in East Africa and their upcoming Kenyan market entry with an installation ceremony in Kiambu County.

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