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Posted on August 3, 2015

PowerHive solar microgrids


Powerhive has developed a technology platform and business model that enables financing and monetization of distributed solar microgrids. PowerHive’s solar microgrids use low-cost metering hardware that provides theft detection and local wireless communication. PowerHive uses a cloud-based software platform that tracks and manages power generating assets, provides real-time data/ analytics, and supports pre-paid billing via existing mobile money services. A cloud-based software application and proprietary smart meter are the core of PowerHive’s platform, which automates account management tasks, remotely monitors and controls microgrid operations, and runs real-time data analytics.

Customers prepay for electricity through mobile money networks and gain access to an affordable electricity supply that can power small appliances and income generating equipment in addition to lights and mobile phone chargers.

Powerhive equips investors, project developers, and electricity providers with the tools necessary to deploy sustainable off-grid energy solutions.

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