Retail Innovations
Posted on August 5, 2015



SOKO (formerly SasaAfrica), is an e-commerce platform that promotes more equitable and distributed international trade by connecting offline artisans in the developing world to online global consumers. Vendors, with no need for the internet, create personal online storefronts and populate them with product information and images with the use of SOKO’s accessible SMS-based mobile phone registry. Global consumers can then buy directly from the vendors on the SOKO e-commerce website, revolutionizing the supply chain into a person-to-person exchange.

SOKO acts as a facilitator for the transaction, converting international credit card purchases into mobile money payments.Their innovative tracking tools ensure efficient and secure delivery of the goods. In this way, SOKO connects enterprising women of the developing world to global e-commerce, even if they do not have access to the Internet, a computer, or a bank account, allowing the most remote female entrepreneurs to be incorporated into global trade.

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