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Posted on August 3, 2015

Takamoto PAYG Biogas systems


Schutter Energy is a social enterprise that installs Takamoto Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Biogas systems in rural communities. Schutter Energy Ltd uses smart metering and mobile money. Smallholder farmer clients pay an installation fee and then only pay for the biogas they use. Their smart payment system allows farmers to purchase as little as $0.50 at a time in advance using mobile money. A proprietary smart meter allows gas to flow until these credits are used up, then stopping the flow. The smart meter communicates via mobile telephone networks, and sends information to Schutter’s database in real time so that we are always aware of the systems’ status and maintenance needs, allowing them to quickly solve issues that reduce the amount of biogas available to its clients.

Schutter Energy works with farmers that typically have 1-5 cows (which produce dung to feed the digester), access to fresh water, enough available space on their land to install a biogas system, and the capacity to use the biogas that the system produces on a daily basis. An additional benefit of the system is biofertilizer output from the digesters that has the ability to increase soil fertility and improve crop yield and quality. Schutter energy offers several biogas farm implements, such as a biogas brooder and biogas chaff cutter. In the future, we are planning on developing additional biogas implements such as a biogas irrigation pump.

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