Retail Innovations

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Retail innovations
August 2015

Linda Jamii

Linda Jamii was launched to provide an affordable health insurance option to Kenyans. It provides comprehensive coverage for inpatient and outpatient services, as well as some dental and optical services. Benefits coverage includes a hospitalization income replacement benefit as well as funeral costs, should a beneficiary pass away. Using M-Pesa and a robust e-health IT […]

Retail innovations
August 2015

Changamka Microhealth

A lack of a safe, cost-effective way of saving money over time makes it difficult for the poor to earmark funds for health expenses, even for expected medical costs such as maternity and delivery care. Changamka Microhealth Limited offers clients who may not have access to traditional banking platforms, various mobile savings accounts earmarked for […]

January 2009

The role of financial services in the economic empowerment of AIDS-affected households. A review of practice and options in Kenya.

In Kenya today, a variety of activities are under way to address the economic and financial constraints felt by HIV/AIDS-affected households. Financial service providers and health organisations alike have spearheaded these activities, and are making small inroads in empowering people made more vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. DAI assessed these initiatives for the Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) […]