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October 2011

Results of study of post-project replication of groups in COSALO I

In September 2011, FSD Kenya conducted a short study of savings groups created under the Community Savings and Loans (COSALO I) project, funded by FSD and implemented by CARE International in Kenya. 54 groups were representatively selected from about 2,500 groups created in Nyamira and Rachuonyo regions by franchisees and faith-based organizations. The purpose of […]

April 2009

The role of informal financial groups in extending access in Kenya

This report discusses the role of informal financial groups in extending access to financial services in Kenya. The scale of informal financial groups in Kenya has long been known to be extensive but reliable data at the national level has not existed. The report first reviews the literature on informal groups in Kenya (mostly ROSCAs […]

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March 2009

Reaching rural Kenya with group savings and loan associations

Group savings and loans associations (GSLs) are a simple financial intermediation model where members of a group (usually between 10 and 20) contribute equal amounts of savings or their multiples during meetings which are held weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The savings are then loaned out to members of the group at an agreed interest rate, […]